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Cooking Tiles - Cooking On Himalayan Salt

84Salt has cooking tiles and bricks made of pure pink crystal Himalayan Salt.

84Salt 8   84Salt 8 in Square Cooking Tile of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt    8x8 Himalayan Salt Grill Cooking Tile, Platter Serving Tray8x16x2 inch Himalayan Salt Grill Tile, Serving Platter 

These tiles are beautiful, unique and can go from cooking, or freezer right to the table. They will hold the cold or heat for over an hour, and depending on conditions up to two hours.

You can use these tiles directly on a gas stove or on your grill. For an electric stove you need a metal spacer and we recommend the ring from an 8" round springform tart pan.

When cooking on them, they will lightly season the food with a fabulous salt flavor and impart 84 healthy trace mineral.  

On the table, these tranlucent Himalayan Salt tiles create a beautiful display and become a fun conversation piece.

>The tiles come in bubble wrap, packaged inside a zippered muslin bag with handles.

84Salt 8   84Salt 8

84Salt tiles make an unusual, healthy and beautiful gift for anyone who loves to cook, bake, grill or entertain.   

Himalayan Salt is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial, so cleaning these tiles is a snap. Most cooks just wipe the tile off with a paper towel. But if it has a lot of grease on it, you might decide to lightly wash it with lukewarm water. Never use soap on them. If do wash a tile with water, you will lose a tiny amount of salt, but most important, you need to make sure it is completely dry before you fire it up again, or it could cause the tile to crack.

Many men who use slabs on their grills just leave them there. Because of the density and lack of porisity of the salt, it never absorbs any flavors. I have cooked ahi tuna on it in the afternoon and steak at night!

Our tiles are available in a variety of sizes: The 4x8x2" brick is great for serving cold or hot appetizers, or even personal ice cream. The round or square 8" which will cover one burner on a stove or can be used as a great serving platter for cold or hot items. And our biggest 8x16" tile will cover two burners on a stove. It makes the ultimate appetizer tray or grill inset. You can cook a huge steak on this tile.

All our tiles are 2" Thick, they are heavy and the round, square and big rectangle will come in their own zippered cotton canvas bags. (no bags on the bricks) 

Choose the size tile that works best for you:

Round - 8x2"              $50.98
Square - 8x2"             $50.95
Rectangle - 8x16x2"    $88.98
Brick - 4x8x2"             $20.98
2 Bricks -
4x8x2"         $39.98
3 Bricks - 4x8x2"         $55.88

What size tile do you want?

84Satl Brick 4x8x2 Pure Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt


Bricks are used for many things from serving cold appetizers, partying with ice cream, lining a grill for everything from fish and veggies to chops and steaks, for salt licks for livestock, and even as actual bricks in walls, which when lit from behind and warmed, will radiate negative ions and thus create a happy, healthy space.

You can also use these to detox the body by arranging eight of them over a heating pad and placing your feet on them while watching a movie or reading a book. Let your imagination run wild and you will think of many uses for 84Salt Himalayan Bricks. The health benefit is incredible and the price is so reasonable.  

Each one weighs between 4.7 - 5.11 pounds

1 Brick   - 4x8x2"        $ 20.98
2 Bricks -
4x8x2"        $39.98
3 Bricks - 4x8x2"        $55.88
How many bricks would you like?

& Sometimes you will get a little money back
Every 84Salt product weighing over 13 ounces is shipped Priority Mail and we do our best to fit what we can into flat rate boxes. Often times we refund our customers on shipping because we find a way to squeeze more into a flat rate box. 

We Only Ship to United States Postal Addresses

International Purchases are now available through our Ebay Store 

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Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles & Bricks 8
Cooking Tiles

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