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Cooking on Salt Tiles

84Salt tiles, slabs, and bricks are the ultimate cookware. They can be used directly on a gas stove, grill, in an oven, and can also be used as platters to keep food hot or cold.

How to start cooking on Salt

Because all Himalayan Salt is a tightly packed crystal formed from the primal sea over 250 million years ago, these tiles can have tiny pockets of moisture. So it is imperative that you begin cooking on them by heating them slowly.

You can cure your tile on the stove or in the oven. If you choose the oven, please remember to leave the door slightly open so the moisture can escape. Let it cure slowly at 200 degrees for several hours depending on how large the stone is. Check it from time to time to see if moisture bubbling out of it. Once no more bubbles are coming out, it should be cured.

If you place a room temperature tile into a 400 degree oven, you may crack the tile. It will still be usable but you will be angry at yourself for cracking it. So it is much better to slowly warm the tile before placing it directly in a hot oven, or on a hot stove.

I place my tile directly on my gas burner and turn it to low for 15 minutes, then to medium for 10 minutes and then to high. When I place meat or fish on it, they will sizzle and I know I have it hot.

If I am baking sweet potatoes, I will heat it up on the gas burner and then put it in the 350 degree oven.

I also like to bake in my convection oven and I have found that once the tile has been cured by cooking on it a few times, I can put it in my convection oven with the food on it and then turn the oven on and it will heat up with the oven and no harm comes to the tile.
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