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84Salt Himalayan foot bath is the best way to watch TV. It reduces swelling on ankles and feet, it detoxes the body through the soles of the feet,  It relaxes the entire body and can be helpful for people with gout, diabetes, smelly feet, athlete's foot and fungus problems.

Get a pan or bowl big enough to put your foot or feet in. A turkey roasting pan can work or a big pyrex casserole, or a new clean oil change pan. Use only glass, enamel or stainless steel or hard bpa free plastics for your tub. Do not use aluminum pans.

Then create a 2% sole solution by adding 1/2 cup of sole to 24 ounces (1 1/2 cups)of water. While the water can be warm or cold, it is best to make it close to body temperature because despite the season, water at 98.6 is truly the most comfortable for us.

Then go ahead and put your clean feet in it, and relax for 45 minutes. Clean feet are feet that do not have any medicines, deordorants or lotions on them. Clean means free of anything.

For the best benefits of Himalayan Salt, one should never mix it with anything except pure spring water, or at least purified water.

Water from your tap has all kinds of chemicals in it including chlorine and this is not healthy for your skin or body. If you don't have a water filter, please get one or buy your water. Don't expect to get healthy if you are soaking in chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals. Water is the singularly most important element in your world. Make sure you are getting the best you can.

Another great foot detox method which is even simpler is to use our cooking tiles or bricks. Place a towel on the floor and put a couple of our 4x8x2 bricks on it where your feet will rest. Wash your feet and dry them till they ar just damp. Place them on the bricks and relax for 20 minutes. To make this even nicer you can warm these bricks before you put your feet on them. Warm them in your oven for 10 minutes or so till they feel warm to the touch.

If your bricks are new, make sure to leave the door of the oven ajar (slightly open while you warm the bricks so whatever moisture is trapped inside can escape without exploding the brick. DO NOT PUT Himalayan Salt Tiles or Bricks IN A MICROWAVE OVEN
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