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Table Himalayan Salt

84Salt is the finest qualty pure food grade organic Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt. We stock fine, coarse, chunks, bath salts, grinders, shakers, blocks, tiles and licks. We carry our pure Himalayan Salt in sizes from 4 ounces to 25 pounds

84Salt is FDA approved, Kosher certified and is completely free of chemicals or additives. Our salt is delicious & it works with your body not against it like white processed salts.  

Once you use our Himalayan Salt, you will want to carry it with you when you go out to eat. It tastes fantastic, and it is so much healthier than regular iodized salt and also healthier than sea salt.

Bags Fine & Coarse Ground
Bulk Salt, Fine, Coarse, Chunks
Gift Bags 4oz, 8oz, 1 lb
Salt Grinders
Cooking Tiles

Himalayan Salt Inhaler
Bath & Spa
 Bath Salts & Massage Stones
Salt Licks / Blocks / Bricks 

    2 lb Himalayan Salt Fine Kosher, 84 Minerals   16 oz bulk bag 84Salt Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt   84Salt Himalayan Salt Grinder

   6x9 ziplock bag with 84Salt Chunks of Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt  Himalayan Crystal Salt Air Inhaler, Salt Inhaler, asthma, copd, allergies, smoke, air pollution, nasal inflamation, respiratory disease   Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt Massage Stones, hot or cold therapy, detox

& Sometimes you will get a little money back
Every 84Salt product weighing over 13 ounces is shipped Priority Mail and we do our best to fit what we can into flat rate boxes. Often times we refund our customers on shipping because we find a way to squeeze more into a flat rate box. 

We Only Ship to United States Postal Addresses

International Purchases are now available through our Ebay Store 

Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt Inhaler, Salt Air Inhaler, COPD, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, snoring, cold & flu symthoms
Salt Inhaler
ONLY $19.98

16 0z bulk bag of 84Salt Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt
1 lb Bulk Salt

84Salt Himalayan Pure Pink Crystal Salt Ceramic Grinder
Coarse Salt Grinders 

Himalayan Salt Cooking Tiles & Bricks 8
Cooking Tiles

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