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Himalayan Salt Inhaler 

Breathing salt air through our Himalayan salt iinhaler benefits people who suffer from:  
  • Asthma 
  • COPD 
  • Allergies 
  • Hay Fever 
  • Sinus Ailments 
  • Cold & Flu Symptoms 
  • Shortness of Breathe 
  • Snoring, Sleep Apnea 
  • Smoking & Air Pollution Irritation 
  • Flushes Away Impurities from Your Respiratory System 

Himalayan Salt Inhaler, COPD, Asthma, Allergies, hay fever, snoring, smoke, air pollution    Himalayan Salt Inhaler, COPD, Asthma, Allergies, hay fever, snoring, smoke, air pollution    Himalayan Salt Inhaler, COPD, Asthma, Allergies, hay fever, snoring, smoke, air pollution    Himalayan Salt Inhaler, COPD, Asthma, Allergies, hay fever, snoring, smoke, air pollution 

Salt Inhaler with
2 months of refills & microsuede traveling bag -

Inhaler Refills - 11 to 12 Month Supply - $18.55

Combination Pack includes:
1 Salt Inhaler with 2 Month Refills & travel bag,  Plus 1 Year Refill Pack - $34.18

Choose Salt Inhaler, Refill Pack or Combo Pack
84Salt Himalayan Salt Inhaler is designed to replicate the kind of therapeutic climate, found within the Khewra Pink Crystal Salt caves located at the foothills of the Himalayas in Pakistan. These salt mines are the result of a primordial sea, which existed long before any forms of pollution or technology covered the earth. It is this living salt filled with 84 minerals that helps detox and balance the body when anyone breathes in air from it. This therapeutic salt air helps clear toxins, and reduce inflammation along nasal, bronchial, and respiratory passages. It is especially helpful for children and adults who suffer from asthma, allergies and COPD. Additionally the soothing, calming effect the salt air has on the body, the way it reduces inflammation, results in lowering many peoples stress levels, and also we have been told it helps lower their blood pressure.*  

For centuries people have known the respiratory health value of breathing the air in deep salt caves. Therapeutic rooms have been set up in salt caves across Europe and Asia, where many people have experienced the amazing relief of respiratory disease. People who work in these salt mines are always free of respiratory problems. Using our salt inhaler offers a similar experience especially if used consistently for 15 - 20 minutes each day. 

*We know that a daily, first in the morning sole drink works to lower blood pressure, we have seen these results and received grateful responses from customers telling us how it has worked for them or their children. But remember every human being is different and even in the testing of powerful pharmaceutical drugs, they discover results where 30% of the time people are cured with the placebo (non-drug, sugar pill) and some are not cured at all. 

So whenever you decide to try any type of therapy or change of diet or exercise, consult with your doctor. Let them monitor your progress and never stop taking any medications without first discussing this with your doctor. Your health is important to us, to your family and to all the beings in our world. Each human being is a Divine Light and we are grateful that you share the earth with us. We wish you health & joy.

Many tests have been done on the salt from this mine that prove its therapeutic value. If you really want to understand the value of our 84Salt Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt, get a copy of Water & Salt by Dr. Barbara Hendel.  

Salt air inhalation therapy, also known as, "Halotherapy" (halo=salt), or "Speleotherapy" (speleos=cave),  supports relief for many respiratory ailments. It reduces inflammation in nasal passages and within the bronchial tubes and lungs. It has been used for hundreds of years, but has never been more valuable than it is today because we have so many toxins in the air we breathe.

Asthma ~ Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the airways characterized by episodes of reversible breathing problems due to airway narrowing and obstruction. These episodes can range in severity from mild to life threatening. Symptoms of asthma include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. Daily preventive treatment can prevent symptoms and attacks and enable individuals who have asthma to lead active lives. 

  • One in 12 people (about 25 million, or 8% of the population) had asthma in 2009, compared with 1 in 14 (about 20 million, or 7%) in 2001.  
  • More than half (53%) of people with asthma had an asthma attack in 2008. More children (57%) than adults (51%) had an attack.  
  • 185 children and 3,262 adults died from asthma in 2007.  
  • About 1 in 10 children (10%) had asthma and 1 in 12 adults (8%) had asthma in 2009.  
  • Women were more likely than men and boys more likely than girls to have asthma.  
  • These numbers are increasing every year. 

Allergies: There are many types of allergies that affect humans today, some are directly the result of breathing air laden with different forms of toxins from animal dander to pollen, and many other environmental gases or organic matter.

  • Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies,  
  • Approximately 55 percent of all U.S. citizens test positive to one or more allergens.  
  • Roughly 7.8% of people 18 and over in the U.S. have hay fever.  
  • Between 2009 & 2010, 10% of U.S. children, 17 years & under suffered from hay fever.  
  • Worldwide, allergic rhinitis (hayfever) affects between 10% and 30 % of the population.  
  • Worldwide, sensitization (IgE antibodies) to foreign proteins in the environment is present in up to 40% of the population.  
  • Roughly 13% of people 18 and over in the U.S. have sinusitis.  

COPD ~is a disease characterized by airflow restrictions. The AMA’s treatments for COPD cause most doctors to believe that this disease is not fully reversible.* Airflow limitations from COPD are usually progressive and associated with an abnormal inflammation of the lungs due to noxious particles or gases. Typically this is the result of exposure to cigarette smoke. 

  • Approximately 13.6 million adults have been diagnosed with COPD, 
  • Research suggests that likely another 13+ million have yet to be diagnosed. 
*We have learned that this disease is reversible and completely curable, but is not through the usual AMA drug channels. If you have this disease or know someone who does, please take time to research E cigarettes. We have friends who have been fully healed using them. I personally have no experience since I have never smoked in my life.   

How to use  
To use the inhaler, place mouth on spout and inhale through mouth, then exhale through nose. Practice this before you begin to use your new inhaler because you should never exhale into the inhaler, as this will cause moisture to form on the crystals and then you would have to dry them out or replace them. So remember:DO NOT EXHALE BACK THROUGH THE INHALER.  

When you first start using the inhaler, you may experience some coughing or sneezing, but this will clear up as you continue to breath and clear out toxins.    

How Often Should You Use Your Salt Inhaler?  
Recommended usage is 15-25 minutes per day. This can be done while watching TV or just relaxing before bed and when you get up in the morning. For the very best results, use it regularly year round.    

When to Replace the Salt Crystals:  
Monthly, if you use it for 15 - 25 minutes every day.  If you use it less, then replace the salt crystals less frequently.    

Handling & Storage:  
ALWAYS Keep Your Salt Inhaler clean and free of moisture.  Do not use your salt inhaler, if the salt crystals become moist or wet.    

How To Wash Your Salt Inhaler before replacing the salt crystals: 
Rinse the inhaler with warm water & make sure the inhaler is totally dry before refilling.
If you’re in a rush, it is okay to use a hair dryer to dry it completely.  
DO NOT wash your Salt Inhaler with ANY TYPE OF DETERGENTS. 
DO NOT Wash your Salt Inhaler In a DISHWASHER  
Store in a dry, cool place—away from direct sunlight.    

What is Salt Air Inhalation Therapy?  
Also known as "Halotherapy" (halo=salt), or "Speleotherapy" (speleos=cave), salt air inhalation therapy is an easy to use, pharmaceutically / drug - free method that eases symptoms of respiratory discomforts. The atmosphere of deep salt caves has been used for centuries to benefit the respiratory system. Today's salt inhalers have been designed to replicate a similar salt cave environment for your lungs and nasal passages.  

Who Can Use Salt Air Inhalers?  
Anyone can safely use salt inhalers and enjoy the benefits from salt air inhalation therapy. Even children can use our salt inhalers, as long as they understand how to breathe in through the mouth and exhale through the nose, and that this is the only way to use the salt inhaler.  

How does it work?  
Himalayan salt crystals are positioned between the filters inside the refillable inhaler. As you inhale through the mouthpiece, the moisture of the passing air absorbs microscopic salt particles, which permeate through your respiratory system. The humidity in the air is sufficient to enrich the air with minute salt particles when the air passes through the salt crystals. Thus it replicates in a  micro form, the breathing experience of being in a therapeutic salt cave. 

84Salt Himalayan Salt Inhaler ~ What you will receive: 

  • One Himalayan Salt Inhaler made from a tough ceramic glazed inside and out. 
  • In an excellent gift box  
  • Includes Two 1.4 oz packages of pure Himalayan pink crystal salt,  
  • A taupe colored micro fiber drawstring carrying pouch, and  
  • Complete Instructions written in English.  
  • We also include a thank you sheet with instructions for making sole, sole solutions, and how to use them. (This sheet is included with any purchase on this site!) 

MSRP ~ $49 
Inhaler with 2 months of refills & microsuede traveling bag - $19.98 

Inhaler Refills - 11 to 12 Month Supply - $18.55

Combo Pack includes
Salt Inhaler with 2 months refills & travel bag
PLUS 12 months Inhaler Refill pack. $34.18

Choose Salt Inhaler, Refill Pack or Combo Pack

& Sometimes you will get a little money back
Every 84Salt product weighing over 13 ounces is shipped Priority Mail and we do our best to fit what we can into flat rate boxes. Often times we refund our customers on shipping because we find a way to squeeze more into a flat rate box. 

We Only Ship to United States Postal Addresses

International Purchases are now available through our Ebay Store 

Pink Crystal Himalayan Salt Inhaler, Salt Air Inhaler, COPD, asthma, allergies, sinusitis, hay fever, snoring, cold & flu symthoms
Salt Inhaler
ONLY $19.98

16 0z bulk bag of 84Salt Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt
1 lb Bulk Salt

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