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84Salt Shakers

Fine Ground
17.5 ounces (500 grams) in a Glass Shaker Jar

All 84Salt is 100% natural, free of all dyes, chemical additives and preservatives. 84Salt is unrefined; it does not go through any rigorous processing. In fact, it is unprocessed, hand selected, hand chiseled, hand washed, and sun dried.

Here you will receive a little over a pound of fine ground, pure pink crystal Himalayan Salt in a glass jar with a shaker lid.

17.5 oz Glass Shaker Jar Fine Ground Himalayan Pure Pink Crystal Salt 84_17.5oz_Glass_Fine_Salt  SRP $11.00  84Salt Price: $8.54 


17.5 oz Glass Shaker Bottle of Pure Organic Himalayan Crystal Salt  17.5 oz Glass Shaker Jar of Pure Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

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